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upublic is working on a wide range of public and private sector education initiatives around the world with governments, universities, K-12 school systems, private developers, and other education-related organizations and businesses. Our clients are as passionate about improving education as we are, and they rely on upublic's expertise to deliver creative, scalable and sustainable solutions that address the shifting challenges of teaching and learning in their communities. Some of these clients include:

White and Case LLPWC

upublic brought the international law firm, White and Case LLP, into partnership with the Royal Government of Bhutan for the purpose of helping the country to develop its legal capacities. On behalf of White and Case, upublic conceived the project's initial development plan, and continues to provide thought leadership and project management to ensure the primary goals of the project are met: providing legal technical assistance to the government, developing legal capacity through education initiatives and, ultimately helping to establish a national law school.

Biodigital Biodigital

upublic is working with the 3D medical animation company, Biodigital, to apply its next generation technology to the development and marketing of new interactive math and science textbooks for the K-12 market.

Scindia Teachers CollegeHH Scindia

upublic consulted HH Maharaja Jyotiraditya M. Scindia and the board of the Scindia School on the feasibility of launching a new teachers college in the state of Gwalior. upublic's team traveled to India to conduct a formal needs assessment, and created the model and development plan for the new institution.

King’s Academy HMK Abdullah II of Jordan

upublic worked with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan (HMK) and the Directors of King’s Academy to distill HMK’s vision for a technologically-progressive boarding school into an actionable blueprint for ICT deployment and programs at the school. upublic also consulted on the creation of the academy’s science curriculum and laboratories.

Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan HMQ Rania of Jordan

upublic consulted the Office of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan (HMQ) during its investigation of policies and programs to increase the level of professionalism and the quality of teaching in Jordan. upublic traveled to Jordan to assist HMQ’s staff with the early stages of this undertaking, and to provide a preliminary assessment and recommendations for developing the country's first teachers college. upublic also facilitated an academic partnership between HMQ and Columbia University, Teachers College to help advance the project.

United Nations Development Programme United Nations Development Program

upublic analyzed and critiqued the United Nations Development Programme's Capacity Assessment guidelines to determine their viability in supporting the aims of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG's). Core to our recommendations was the design for a new kind of sustainable, field-deployable community school that focuses disparate local assets on the work of developing human capital in the actual communities that UNDP's policies intend to serve.

Republic of Tanzania Tanzanian Mission to the UN

upublic consulted Augustine Mahiga, Tanzania’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations and former head of the UN Security Council, on the design of an all-women’s school in Tanzania. upublic worked closely with Ambassador Mahiga and his wife, Elizabeth, to articulate a vision for the school encompassing curriculum, architecture, community development and partnerships. With this work in hand, the Mahigas and their foundation, the Bahati Foundation, launched a successful fundraising campaign to support the school initiative.

Republic of Bolivia Republic of Bolivia

upublic has twice hosted in New York delegations sent by Bolivian President Evo Morales and Minister of Education, Felix Patzi. We provided guidance on educational policy reform, and there are future plans for upublic to design model public schools in La Paz that are sustained through private and public partnerships.

American Red Cross of Greater New York (ARCGNY) The American Red Cross of Greater New York

upublic conducted a broad assessment of ARCGNY’s training and induction processes, internal communications, educational resources, course offerings, and training capacities, aimed at developing more effective training and continuing education programs. We continue to work with ARCGNY's leadership to operationalize programs that address the most mission-critical findings in the assessment. Genil

upublic consulted the online genealogy company,, on the translation of its technology into a new social studies curriculum product that could be freely distributed to U.S. public schools as a student research tool.

The National High School Alliance (NHSA) The National High School Alliance

upublic conducted research for the development of NHSA's Call to Action framework and continues to assist NHSA in actualizing the framework’s core principles for preparing all of our nation's youth for college, careers, and active civic participation.

Education and Economics Research Team at Columbia, Harvard and Dartmouth Research Team

In close consultation with the research team, upublic designed and developed a software to support a study on teacher effectiveness conducted by Columbia Business School professor Jonah Rockoff, Harvard GSE professor Brian Kane, and Dartmouth College professor Douglas Staiger. We plan to soon introduce the product of that effort as a commercial product to help schools and other learning organizations improve teacher and trainer quality.

Michael Bloomberg Bloomberg

upublic advanced several innovative public school designs under the New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's legacy initiative, and we are currently working with governmental, public, and private entities towards actualizing some of our recommendations.

Jackson, Mississippi Jackson

upublic advised Mayor Frank Melton on strategies for revitalizing the Jackson, Mississippi public school system, and on the professional development of its teachers and administrators.

Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center at Lincoln Center (LSNC) LSNC

upublic designed a cutting-edge arts and sciences media lab and an informal science education curriculum to support LSNC’s youth services and community outreach programming.

Empowerment Schools Empowerment

upublic co-designed a "whole-school" professional development model to address the need of schools for more contextualized and meaningful leadership development. Mentor teams comprised of seasoned practitioners and higher education subject matter experts will travel to schools to work directly with its principal and faculty to identify school-specific challenges, implement collaborative interventions and evaluate outcomes. The three-year pilot program with 6 Empowerment Schools will build in-school capacity for leadership and change management, and create a sustainable network of shared resources that schools outside of the pilot can also benefit from.

University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of EducationPenn GSE

upublic led faculty members from Penn GSE to Dubai to conduct a feasibility study for delivering teacher education programming in the UAE in partnership with an experienced, local management team. The upublic-designed model will allow Penn GSE's high-quality academic content and teaching expertise to be delivered in the proper context by integrating it into a center for education research and professional development within an existing K-12 institution.

Delhi Public SchoolsDPS

upublic consulted the leadership of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram to determine how best to distill the school's best practices and rich history of academic achievement into an actionable plan for school-wide professional development. The program is intended to raise standards and teacher quality throughout the DPS system, and to serve a as a model for wider school reform initiatives across India.