Select Projects

upublic invests in a number of significant projects that go beyond the needs of any one client and are scaled to impact a much wider field of educators, administrators, students, and families, including:

The upublic Education Platform integrates the best academic, operational and social technologies into a customized school-wide, mission-specific, resource that supports the work of principals, teachers and students. But since every school is also part of a larger community of learning, the Platform enables individuals to connect to a global network of educators and students for shared professional development, peer mentoring, exchange of ideas and access to shared community resources. Some elements of the Platform include PD modules, multimedia info sharing, language acquisition, and communication and assessment tools.

The India Teachers College (ITC), currently in development, is poised to become a premiere teacher education institution in the region. The enterprise will provide quality teacher development resources to a diverse, rapidly expanding education market. To meet the needs of that market, the ITC will provide instruction to pre-service teachers (for accreditation), in-service teachers (for ongoing professional development), school principals and leaders (for leadership development), and graduate students (for advanced diplomas).

Communities that seize the opportunity for economic and cultural growth by building public sports facilities often neglect the long-term social value of their investment, and nowhere is this neglect more evident than in the massive civic building initiatives undertaken by host-cities of the Olympic Games.

upublic helps city leadership and local Olympic Planning Committees develop within their underutilized assets sustainable institutions that can continue to serve the community beyond the closing ceremonies: unique Olympic Village Schools™ that provide students a world-class learning opportunity both in the classroom and on the field.

In today’s high-stakes global education marketplace, as teacher attrition continues to become more costly, solutions to the pervasive challenge of quality teacher selection are in high demand. Particularly in public schools where poor hiring decisions are not easily redressed, and one year of deficient instruction by a single teacher can undermine the progress of many students and negatively impact a school’s AYP, upublic’s research-driven and cost-effective RATER (Rich-media Application for Teacher Effectiveness Research) software can help pressured decision-makers manage this growing area of critical need.

RATER is an interactive Web-based teacher quality assessment tool developed by upublic in partnership with a team of researchers from Columbia Business School, Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Dartmouth College. Its aim is to help school administrators predict the success of pre-service teachers and make more effective hiring decisions. RATER also provides a toolset for the ongoing assessment of teachers, as well as their own self-assessment.

The Citizen Surfer is an educational video segment and online publication that chronicles the adventures of New York City surfer and chowder chef Ben Sargent as he explores the natural and cultural resources of our coastal locale. Reaching out to a metropolitan audience of 20 million between the ages of five and seventy-five, The Citizen Surfer invites urban kids and families on a journey of discovery in their own backyards, learning where to find marine treasures and how to enjoy them responsibly. In collaboration with upublic, a company founded by three surfers, The Citizen Surfer aims to deliver the highest quality educational programming while retaining the authenticity of surfer-produced content.