Our Vision

upublic's vision is to infuse creativity and integrity into an often uninspired education marketplace through the innovative, socially responsible initiatives we undertake with our clients. Our body of work will be a catalyst for positive change in schools, organizations, and communities who desperately need an alternative to the prevailing symptomatic approach to education reform and community development.

Every project that upublic participates in will be an expression of our internal ethic of caring for the public through improving education, and we will remain vigilant in our commitment to focus our time and resources on what matters most:

  • freeing underserved communities from the inertia of public education in terms of building and adapting schools to be effective in the 21st century
  • redesigning schools, programs, and policies to be founded on local knowledge and customized to address community-specific needs
  • energizing teaching and learning in all human communities, whether affluent or impoverished, urban or rural
  • endowing new generations of learners with knowledge, strength, and values by creating educational opportunities that don't separate academics from ethics, school life from community life